David l Hughes


I have been making art for over four decades now and there always seems to be one more piece that I need to make. It has always defined how I see the world. Painting, drawing, or visualizing anything for me has been hard,  its been easy, its been fun and its been miserable but I always seem to come back to it.

I come from a military family growing up near military bases in Kentucky, Texas, Massachusetts, and 6 years in Germany along the way. My life and my work has been informed by my nomadic childhood. My art education began during those years and began in earnest with a BFA from Austin Peay State University and an MFA from the University of Kentucky. Oddly enough all the painting professors and the department chair at the time were all from California and Berkeley Grads and in a very roundabout way that is how I landed in San Francisco.

My work has always had some grounding in landscape even as it became more abstract visually. I have always been interested in shaped paintings and have made them on and off since the beginning as inspiration and space allowed. Please enjoy my work I always hope to make images that bring the viewer to them and hold there attention and stoke their imagination.

I apologize for the website it has always been a work in progress. After all as a painter I am trying to be an artist not a programer. New images will be added and please contact me if you have questions or are interested in anything you see. All the Best!